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"Arrived quickly and in excellent shape."

My girlfriend and I recently purchased some kefir grains from you. They arrived very quickly and in excellent shape! I was surprised how big they were. I was also very surprised how quickly they began to work. We had separation in only three days!!! It's amazing. I only ended up using cheese cloth to strain my kefir once. I have been using the MP method ever since. Thanks a bunch! The videos have been great too. I don't know what we'd have done without them. We're looking forward to getting some magnets in the near future and giving them a try. Those videos were pretty awesome. We'll be spreading the kefir tradition here in Montana.

Joe  S.

 Product Review
"Growing really fast."

Started the kefir grains you sent and they are growing really fast. Thanks for your time.

Coral C.
New Zealand.

 Product Review

I ordered kefir from this gentleman and got my grains on time (overseas), just as promised.

The service that timelesshealth offers is EXCELLENT and I would recommend it to EVERYONE.

Vielen Dank, mein Freund!
Corrina O   

 Product Review
"growing faster than I expected."

I just wanted to touch base with you about how great my Kefir is doing.  I'll say one thing...they are growing faster than I expected. I'm about to give a couple of friends some and think I'll STILL have a bunch left.


 Product Review
"It's fantastic:)"

.....Also, the kefir grains I got from you a few months ago are doing well. Me and my familly are drinking this beverage everyday. It's fantastic:) Thanks again for that too!!

Philippe G. 
Göttingten, Germany

 Product Review

"I am very happy with your product!"

They looked good, fresh and still moist too. I put them in some milk and already they are workin -away. I can tell they are healthy because of the small bubbles they are producing on top of the milk where they are located. The smell is good also, not off in any way. I am very happy with your product!

Thanks again, it was a pleasure doing business.
Jill R.
Illinois USA

 Product Review

"Enjoying the kefir hugely!"

Thanks so much for sending me the kefir babies a few weeks ago: they are doing very well and I am enjoying the kefir hugely! Already have given some of my growing batch to a friend.

Thanks so much,

 Product Review

"smoothest, creamiest, best tasting kefir I ever made."


Wow - these grains came back quick. 11 months ago I let them dry on the counter and put them in a jar with dry powdered milk granules. I opened them up a week ago. They came back so quick - had separation in 3 days! These pics are from the 5th day. Got some good grassy milk. These kids are from your
grains I got in April of 2009. This was the smoothest, creamiest, best tasting kefir I have ever made.

Your Grains Rock!!!


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